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Interdiction Logistics is proud to be the exclusive distributor of JAE stock systems in Australia and New Zealand.

The quality of these aftermarket stocks for the Remington 700 and M1A/M14 formats of rifle is unmatched.

The level of demand for JAE product quickly created a back log in production and a long wait was endured while the Remington 700 stock made it on to the scene.

The JAE -100 is now in its 3rd generation incorporating the feedback of end users and improving on what was already a massive upgrade on the conventional style stock.

Each JAE product offers a high level of customization which allows customer to modify options, simply not offered by other manufacturers.

We now have accessories in stock to support customers who wish to add or change their current stock!!! Please See HERE for more:


Instructions on how to order:

Interdiction Logistics Pty Ltd mirrors all terms and conditions found on the JAE website.

We simply ask you to download, fill out and return your order form to us.  We then provide you with a quote and take your deposit which we pass on to JAE when lodging your order.

The balance on the order is only due when it is ready to be dispatched by us here in Australia.  That is we cover the balance, export and prepare for delivery.  This ensures the customer is not out of pocket for any longer than they have to be.

Interdiction Logistics Pty Ltd also does do generic orders for stock purposes.  These stocks offer an option to those customers who may not wish to wait for a custom order to be processed or might reduce the wait time depending on when our orders were placed.

Another option is to always check with our stocking Dealers such as Cleaver Firearms they may have the stock you are chasing in stock or a shipment due sooner than a new custom order.

Please watch the news blog regarding our demo rifles and where they will be appearing.

It is said that seeing, is believing, once you witness these stocks first hand an appreciation of why the demand is so high and why the wait time is endured

JAE stock systems are another example of the quality product that Interdiction Logistics Pty Ltd is proud to represent.