Spikes Tactical




Interdiction Logistics Pty Ltd is proud to be the distributor for Spikes Tactical products in Australia and New Zealand.


Spikes have a known reputation for building high quality products and unique composites making their platforms the choice of many professional users in the USA.


Although many of these products are restricted in nature, some of the accessories and components are available to the private retail sector.


We at Interdiction Logistics are fortunate enough to have builds ready to be delivered to certified End Users  together with a range of new accessories that are exclusive to the Spikes Tactical design.


Making things even more exciting is the great range of clothing and brand name gear that makes Spikes a unique and bold brand name.


Introducing the Havoc Signal Device.


Available as a stand alone unit or attachment the Havoc 9” side loader promotes safety and awareness in a one piece unit.  It is a piece of equipment which could mean the difference in a rescue or search and recovery scenario in remote areas.


Built out of high quality components, it represents the pinnacle in signal device design.