Remora Rail Riser




We are proud to bring to market the Remora Rail Riser, manufactured completely by us here in QLD Australia out of billet high grade alloy with steel fixings to military specifications.

The rail riser is built to center over the top over an existing rail to elevate the mounting surface and provide an additional mounting area at 45 degrees.

This is useful for those wanting to place a close quarters optic beside their magnified sight for rapid engagement of close targets.  Also, it is a great place to mount a light for low light conditions as it places the light behind the objective lens of the main optic, which can have advantages in many applications.

Weight is kept to a minium and does not sacrifice the robust design.  Importantly the rail fits on to flat top receivers and does not obstruct or interfere with ejection port operation.

In testing we found the Remora to be an excellent platform for professional pest cullers to mount brass catchers to for aerial work with their rifle systems.


The Remora comes standard in a black annodized finsihed, however Cerakote’d units are available for a small extra cost.

Shown here in “white” (without coating) the Remora enhances many popular firearms.

RRP $215.00 Inc gst (Dealers Please ask for pricing)




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