Military, Police and Governmental sales are handled directly and all enquires should be directed to

Interdiction Logistics Pty Ltd operates as a wholesaler to the private retail sector.  Direct sales are undertaken on those products that are not stocked by the Dealer network.

Due to this structure no direct customer traffic is accepted at any of our premises.  Reasons for this include security, and the many functions Interdiction Logistics performs require the operation of multiple locations (some of them mobile)

All customers are vetted and their details securely held for privacy reasons.

Interdiction’s web service is run entirely within Australia for audit purposes and information security (intangibles legislation)

Interdiction Logistics will not at any time jeopardize its good character to seek market gains or profit from “doing the wrong thing”

Maximum longevity and doing good business with good people are maxims of the company

Interdiction Logistics is about providing the “Good Guys” with the best assistance it can, for them to complete their mission and Improve their Resolve.